Relying on the scientific research achievements of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, National Agricultural Informatization Research Center, National Intelligent Equipment Center, National Biological Center, Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other scientific research institutes, China Green Agro integrates advanced modernization Agricultural planting technology, providing a variety of high-efficiency cultivation system products for agricultural science and technology parks and related agricultural enterprises.

High-efficiency cultivation integrates advanced facilities and equipment technology, hardware construction and supporting high-tech soft power, comprehensively applies engineering equipment technology, biotechnology and environmental technology, and carries out factory agricultural production of crops according to the best environment required for plant production and development.

Product system

  • China Green Agro's automated NFT planting system paves the way for industrialized assembly-line cultivation, from seedling growth to harvesting. It allows precise control over varying spatial conditions essential for plant growth stages, ensuring optimal plant health. The mechanical arm's automatic seedling transplantation facilitates crop variety selection as per planting needs. This system incorporates robots, shuttle machines, and AI-driven lifting equipment to automate processes like seeding, sorting, harvesting, and cleaning. The system's irrigation function intelligently matches the appropriate nutrient solution, while an efficient water purification system guarantees water safety."

  • China Green Agro's newly developed Deep Liquid Flow planting system features a specifically designed ABS material planting board. It's environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and uniquely formed for easy maintenance, water leakage prevention, aesthetic practicality, and longevity. The system yields vegetables free of chemical residues, enhancing taste. Incorporating advanced Dutch hydroponics technology, we've established a deep liquid flow hydroponics cultivation model. In response to the quality control measures, we employ a 10cm liquid depth control automatic DFT planting system for mass production of leafy vegetables. The system primarily includes ▲ automatic seeding ▲seedling raising system▲ seedbed planting system▲fertilizer▲water purification and filtration system▲ water supply and return system.

  • In our innovative tomato planting gutter, planting mediums like coconut coir or rock wool are directly placed in the middle, while the sides are covered to block sunlight, preventing the growth of green moss and bacteria. The project base is formed on-site, ensuring the gutter can be made to any required length, with minimal connection points for increased stability. This process significantly reduces installation difficulty, enhances construction efficiency, minimizes loss, cuts transportation costs, and avoids damage during transit. The fully automatic system includes: ▲automatic seeding and seedling raising system▲gutter planting system▲fertilizer▲water purification and filtration system▲water supply and return system▲picking vehicles and trailers

  • China Green Agro's automated Ebb-Flow system is utilized in the production, packaging, and transport of potted flowers or crop seedlings. It ensures an optimal planting environment, while the mechanical assembly line boosts production efficiency, yielding the quickest return on investment. With the help of a central control system, intelligent operation of the entire line is achieved. The system is controlled by server software developed by China Green Agro, orchestrating the tasks and operations across the entire production and operation zones, enabling various process routes and combinations. The seedling cultivation system's monitoring platform comprises the automatic tray bed system module, automatic transport system module, light-load crane system module, and sprinkler irrigation system module. Each module operates independently or cooperatively at different levels

  • Intelligent agricultural robot: picking robot, inspection robot, spraying robot, value maintenance machine, guide robot

  • The Intelligent Closed Seedling Room by China Green Agro enables year-round, steady seedling production. It's defined by its independence from environmental and climatic factors, robust production planning, short seedling time, high seedling quality, and pesticide-free process. A mobile vertical multi-layer seedling frame design saves land, enhancing cost efficiency and productivity. Fully automated, it ensures precision in managing the seedling cultivation environment, reducing the risks associated with traditional operations and personal experience, lessening operator workload, and improving work efficiency. This leads to high seedling rates and uniform quality.

  • Developed by China Green Agro's R&D team, we offer intelligent irrigation equipment built on smart cloud management. It combines efficient irrigation, accurate fertilization, and scientific modeling, effectively using costly fertilizers and scarce freshwater resources while enhancing yield and quality. Our novel water disinfection and purification system eliminates harmful pathogens, providing safe, reliable, sustainable, and recyclable water for crop irrigation. We utilize advanced technology to monitor soilless cultivation substrate and nutrient solution conditions. Constructing an irrigation ratio model based on feedback from different plant growth needs, we can intelligently optimize fertilization schemes. Our system also allows for remote real-time tracking and statistics of daily water and fertilizer consumption, supporting cloud storage and analysis of plant growth stage big data.