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Greenhouse Poly Film

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Greenhouse Plastic Flim Application/Usage

Widely used for Low or High Single Tunnel Greenhouse and Multi Span Greenhouse, as protecting cover for fruit(strawberry, cherry, grape, watermelon, muskmelon and so on), vegetable(tomato, potato, eggplant, pepper, bean, cucumber, celery, onion and so on), flowers,poultry farming,edible mushrooms cultivation and so on.

 A versatile greenhouse designed for vegetables, crops or floriculture

 Protect growing plants against different conditions of weather such as cold waves, big wind, sand and dust storm, heavy rain or snow

  Inhibit insect and bird activity

  Decrease using the agricultural pesticides

  Help to creating a suitable environment for plant growth: maintain suitable humidity and temperature

  Light transmittance is more than 90% for good photosynthesis

Greenhouse Plastic Film Details

Remarkable Features of Greenhouse Plastic film

 Longer lifespan (3-6 years)

  Better thermal effects

  More scientific light transmittance ( shorten the growth cycle by 15 days)

  More enduring anti-drip effect (three to five years longer than normal greenhouse films)

   More obvious anti-fogging effect

  Perfect cool effect