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Wiggle Wire and Channel Lock

Wiggle Wire & Channel Lock for Double layer Plastic Greenhouse

Wiggle Wire is used to greenhouses, the PVC Coated Wiggle Wire has proven to be a low-cost, effective way to attach polyethylene or shade material to greenhouses. The aluminum Channel Lock base is easy to install and bends readily over any hoop configuration. Multiple layers of plastic and shade cloth can be installed and moved without disturbing the plastic.

Wiggle Wire & Channel Lock Features 

 Used to fix the film with profile for greenhouse covering.

 UV stablized plastic coating

 Special wiggle wire (spring) for enough strength to hold the poly film on greenhouse

 Best and most economic selection for film greenhouse fastening system, with Galvanized steel or Aluminum channel Lock (profiles).

 The wiggle wire (spring) can be used many times Without distortion.

 Wiggle wire (spring) is widely used in fastening the film in plastic greenhouse.It is more duralble and suitable for high temperature.

How to assemble Wiggle Wire & Channel Lock system