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Plant Factory

Plant Factory: Growing at Home & Office

Plant Factory is high-efficient agricultural system with continuous production of plants using high-precision environment control in facilities.Its environmental conditions, like temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration and nutrient solution, are automatically controlled by computers, to make plant growth in facilities not or less affected by natural conditions.

Technological breakthroughs in plant factory technology are likely to offer solutions for bottlenecks in mankind  development, and can even help humans realize normal plant production on non-arable lands, such as desert, Gobi,  islands, and water surface, as well as in urban skyscrapers. 

It uses inexhaustible solar power and other clean energies, combined with seeds, water and mineral nutrition, to continuously produce agricultural products necessary for humans. Therefore, it is considered to be an important channel to solve such problems as food security, population, resources and environmental pollution in the 21st century. Besides, it also serves as an 
important means to realize food self-sufficiency in future aerospace engineering, and explorations of the moon and other planets. 

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 Fixed facilities 

 Automatic or semi-automatic control over plant growth conditions

 Able to control temperature, humidity, light intensity, light time and CO2 concentration 

 Adopting cultivation techniques with nutrient solution

 Great improvement of product quality and quantity