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Poly Plastic Greenhouse

 Economy Ploy Plastic Greenhouse

Simple structure with high quality galvanized steel pipes and tubes to ensure maximum strength framework of poly plastic greenhouse. It's easy to put together, take down, or can be moved if necessary. Besides, a variety of economic materials for poly coverings and shade cloths can be chosen to reduce cost and easy install. A poly plastic is an excellent greenhouse type for the start growers as well as large-scale nursery production. Ideal for vegetables, small fruit, cut flowers and more, these structures will enhance your crop yield.

In early spring, start cool-weather crops in the hoop building and either transplant them to the garden or grow them to maturity in the frame. Begin to plant summer annuals and seeds in your poly plastic greenhouse way before they could be started in the open. Plant cuttings will root faster. Perennials can be started from seed in summer.  Cool-weather crops can be sown in the fall for growth through early winter. 

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Greenhouse Basic Info:

 Layer: Single or Double 

 Standard Cover Material: Polyethylene film

 Package: Export Package

 Framework: Hot-dip Galvanized Steel 

Greenhouse Feature:

 Custom widths and lengths

 Extra kits are available, as well as pipe for additional purlins

 Ground posts and post driver are included for anchoring

Poly Plastic Film we Used for Greenhouse