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Passive Solar Greenhouses

Unique Passive Solar Greenhouses 

The basic principle is simple. Build something with a lot of mass (brick in this case, but sometimes cement, and sometimes the walls are filled with sand or another material to add extra heat-holding thermal mass). Add a plastic poly film cover to create an area that holds in some of the heat. Have an insulated material that covers the plastic at night (usually straw mats, sometimes another material). Plant things. That’s it. You have a greenhouse.

The back wall store the heat captured in the daytime. There is also typically a non-glazed kick-up facing South that is designed to lock the heat in and prevent it from rising and transmitting through the glazing.

It’s super simple to build, and not too capital intensive. This is great because it takes a relatively small  investment to get to the minimal viable product. This greenhouse does have a mechanism for rolling down the insulation automatically. And you don’t have to pay for heat. 

The designs are simple, elegant and they simply work.

 Solar Greenhouse Basic info: 

 Layer: Single or Double

 Cover Material: Polyethylene

 Recommed Dimension: 7m X 3m X 0.6m;

                                         8m X 3.3m X 0.6m; 

                                         9m X 3.6m X 0.6m


 Economical additional space and storage area

 Easy to attach to buildings

 Provides wind resistance

 Easy to relocate if adding more greenhouses to the side in the future

 Maximize land usage by using a custom sized lean-to