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Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The Versatility of Gutter Connected Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Our gutter connected greenhouse structures provide growers cost-effective solutions. With  our extruded 

aluminum gutters with built-in poly attachment and column to post connection, growers save time and money

on construction cost.

 A versatile greenhouse designed for vegetables, crops or floriculture

 A single piece arch rolled into a gothic peak for superior condensation control

 Various vents and other natural ventilation options for the most effective and efficient airflow possible

 The most economical greenhouse for large growers

PC Greenhouse Specifications

 Widths ranging from 20'-40'

8mm clear polycarbonate roof covering

 High light transmittance, even illumination

 Hot dipped galvanized gutters

 Trusses are hot dipped galvanized after fabrication

 Many different options available for cooling, doors, curtains, etc.

 Better controllable greeenhouse environment

PC (polycarbonate) Sheet and Panels for Greenhouse