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Freestanding Tunnel Greenhouse

Eazy way with Freestanding Tunnel Greenhouse

You may often need more space or a protected area for plants outside the greenhouse production  range. The 

free standing tunnel is a efficient way to add more covered area of your operation.

Free standing tunnel greenhouse can be also used as a cold frame, heated growing greenhouse, propagation 

greenhouse, hardening off greenhouse.

Addopted clean transparent polyetheylene film,the free standing tunnel greenhouse allowing maximum UV light 

transmission, ensuring earlier harvest of better quality fruit and vegetables and more colourful flowers.

Basic info:

 Cover Material:   polyethelene film 

 Layer:   recommed  Double

 Type:   commercial greenhouse

 Recommend Dimension:   Length: 26.2'--32.8';   Hight: around 6.6'


 Excellent light transmission up to 94%

 Improves crop quality by UV light transmission 

High diffused grade eliminates shadows and enables more photosynthesis in every leaf

No breaking/splintering, high resistivity against tear propagation

 Custom greenhouse systems, as irrigation, ventilation, heating and cooling, screens

Better controllable greeenhouse environment