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High Tunnel Plastic Greenhouse

High Tunnel Plastic Greenhouse Customizable To Your Crop

For almost 20 years Green Agro has helped commercial growers increase their crop yield;  extend the growing

 season - crops will benefit from both an earlier spring harvest, and a longer fall/winter season.

Our high tunnel plastic greenhouses adopt the whole skeleton forms and possess high strength. it is resistant


to different weather conditions. The structure is very stable and able to withstand strong winds.  

Product Specifications

 Height ranging from 10'-20'

 Covered with minimum 200mu(micron) Polyethylene Film 

 High light transmission and light diffusion

 Provides frost protection, better environmental control, and significant yield gains

 Reduces moisture, which helps prevent botrytis, mildew, and other moisture related diseases

 Reduction in scorch and bleaching of produce, and reduces the need for pesticides

 Custom greenhouse systems, as irrigation, ventilation, heating and cooling, screens

 Better controllable greeenhouse environment