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Venlo Glass Greenhouse

The Great Durable Venlo Glass Greenhouse 

Venlo Glass Greenhouses are ideal for retailers and institutions needing a high-quality structure that will last very long time. This strong, versatile design is easily adapted to local structural building codes.The adaptable nature of this structure provides affordability and long life.We can incorporate classroom space, checkout areas or storage facilities into the design. The flagship of Green Agro, Venlo Glass Greenhouse can be customized to fit your needs.Trusses are made of structural aluminum angles and tees, and attached directly to columns. Most of the components are factory fabricated, ensuringconsistent quality and fit.Structural components are selected and sized to match your environmental and load requirements.

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Product Specifications

 Quality growing environment with high light levels

 Typically horticultural glass grade

 Easy to assemble hot-dipped galvanized steel super structure

 Aluminum roof glazing bars to hold the tempered glass panes in place

 Custom greenhouse systems, as irrigation, ventilation, heating and cooling, screens

 Better controllable greeenhouse environment