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Greenhouse Irrigation

 Irrigation: the Origin of Greenhouse plants 

Plants need water to survive. Irrigation in the greenhouse is an important controllable aspect that will enhance the growth of your greens.In the eighties several irrigation and spraying booms have been developed. Sprinkler systems have been installed throughout greenhouses  for watering field production sites. Booms are very efficient in the greenhouse to mist freshly propagated plant material.Watering booms are able to uniformly and automatically do overhead watering on your predetermined schedule reducing labor and wasting water.  A boom is a great system for watering in tender crops such as plugs or when multiple crops are being grown in the same zone.  Different boom styles are available depending on the use and house width.

Why choose the Watering & Spraying 

  Higher yields

 Better quality

 Low maintenance costs

 Up 30-50% water savings

 Fully automatic

 Waters and sprays different bays

 Different sections can be programmed with specific treatments

 Adjustable height based on greenhouse plants