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Internal/ External Shading System

Internal/ External Shading System Protecting Greenhouse

Shading System is a major part to creat a comfortable environment for greenhouse plants. It mainly made of steel framework,internal/ external shading screen, pull screen lines, screen-line roller, curtain rods and gear-rack driving system.

For the internal shading system, the shading screen will reflect part of the sunshine and let it diffuse evenly on the plants in hot summer; while the screens will keep warm air inside and keep greenhouse humidity level in cold winter.For the external shading system, the shading nets can prevent greenhouse exposed to direct sunlight, effectively cool down the inside temperature and avoid light burning plants.
This system decreases the irrigation frequency, increase the quality of the fruits and extend the harvest time of the plants.


 Strong wind resistance, high UV protection

 Anti-aging, good flatness

 System running smoothly and accurately

 Large controlled area 

 Easy Maintenance