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Air Inflation Blower Kit

Air Inflation Blower Kit For Double-layer Greenhouse

Most plastic film houses employ a double layer of film separated by air space. This greenhouse air inflation blower kit lets you pump air in between layers of poly greenhouse material. This provides added insulation to the greenhouse and prevents excessive condensation from forming.

This system uses inside air which is generally warmer and helps to keep colder air at bay slightly better than using outside air. A single stack kit includes only one hose from the blower to the poly. A double stack inflation kit allows the user to inflate two separate segments of greenhouse film simultaneously from the same blower.

The result is a warmer greenhouse that can be used for much longer and in much colder climates. Inflating between layers of poly adds extra insulating abilities which can add up to 40% savings on heating costs for season extension or all winter growing.  

Air Inflation Blower Kit Including:

Air Inflation Blower Kit Installation