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Tomato Gutter,here it is

Gutter Substrate Cultivation: refers to a gutter that supports substrate-grown crops for soilless cultivation in facility agriculture. Different gutters for different crops like tomato, strawberry can be produced corresponding parameters. The main materials are PVC and steel.

The gutters produced by China Green Agro adopts Shougang steel as the base plate. As the leader of China's steel manufacturing industry, Shougang steel guarantees its quality, which is also the first consideration of China Green Agro when choosing a partner.

For the gutter paint, China Green Agro use PPG paints. PPG is one of the world's leading and experienced architectural coatings manufacturers. PPG paints are stain-resistant, scrub-resistant, mildew-proof, and rich in color. Its environmentally friendly water-based formula does not add formaldehyde, lead, Mercury, chromium, cadmium and other heavy metal ions, ultra-low VOC (organic volatile matter). Make your grow more secure.

Japanese MS precision coating system combined with accurate magnetic ruler pressure sensor, and roll speed display, it can accurately control the dry film thickness of paint of 7-30 microns. The surface of the formed gutter is very smooth. After spraying, the surface is treated with a film, and the surface is coated 120 times. The obtained material is highly resistant to corrosion and finally rolled by China Green Agro machines.

Have carried out stamping test, acid resistance test. The test results are up to standard!

China Green Agro combines the best craftsmanship of many countries to produce the best planting gutters. The “craftsman spirit” advocated by China Green Agro is the spirit of excellence in craftsmanship and dedication to work and products.