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Hydroponic DFT Float Growing System

Hydroponic DFT Float Growing System

In our system, the crop is grown on large beds . The beds are filled with nutrient solution (10-20 cm deep) and fully controlled by a water climate installation.Control of EC and composition hardly takes place within the short growing cycle.  Styrofoam boards or rafts floating on the hydroponic solution support the plants. Floating raft systems are often used to grow plants of short stature like lettuce and basil. The floating raft system in itself is inexpensive and can be built easily.

Hydroponics lettuce are one of the most popular salad vegetables grown using the floating raft system. Besides being easy to implement, lettuce also make for a very profitable hydroponic growing experience.One grow cycle generally takes around 28 to 35 days to complete and floating raft systems can then be reused for other plants. In contrast, field-grown lettuce grow cycles can take about 50 to 60 days from seeding to harvest stages. The varieties of lettuce that can be grown hydroponically are almost the same as those grown terrestrially, including leaf, head and romaine lettuce.

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