Wenzhou Huacheng Agricultural and Tourism Smart Park Project

Project location:Wenzhou | Construction time:2022 | Construction area:260,000㎡


Wenzhou Huacheng covers an area of 260,000 square meters and is the first agricultural-tourism-commercial complex in China. It includes a smart farm, a flower and nursery exhibition area, a commercial complex, and a model exhibition area. The project aims to promote the integration of agriculture with artificial intelligence, cultural creativity, green and low-carbon, and intelligent equipment, including the integration and innovation development of big data, cloud computing, blockchain, 5G technology, etc. It introduces a fusion experience platform that combines virtual and reality, including virtual flowers and real flowers, virtual and real agriculture, virtual and physical shopping, and more. It aims to create a new generation of smart agricultural-tourism park and become a model for the integrated development of agriculture, tourism, and commerce in the national metaverse industry.

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