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China Green Agro Bird Nest HOUSE VISION

RELEASE:2018-09-21 11:00:08 SOURCE:本站

On September 21, 2018, the "HOUSE VISION Exploring Home - Future Life Exhibition" co-sponsored by GWC Great Wall Club and China Green Agro, opened for the first time in Beijing.


The exhibition gathered 10 architects or teams from home and abroad, who collaborated with 10 companies to create their ideal "homes of the future". Ten 1:1 scale exhibition halls that could be experienced in person were exhibited at the Bird's Nest South Square, presenting to the public the infinite possibilities of future homes. Mainstream media outlets such as Sohu, People's Network, Phoenix Network, and Sina News all reported on the event.


If we consider 2008 as a watershed, dividing China's international image and urban development into two stages, then the vitality and openness of the "post-Olympic" era are undoubtedly globally eye-catching. A decade later, under a symbol representing the grand epoch - the "Bird's Nest", a group of people wanted to pull the designer's gaze back to the survival issues of every smallest individual - how will we live in the future?

Designer Yang Mingjie gave his answer in the "Green House".

Yang Mingjie

Founder of YANG DESIGN and Sheep House, Forbes China's most influential designer, and visiting professor at Tongji University and Nanjing University. He has won nearly a hundred major awards including the German Red Dot, iF, Japanese G-mark, American IDEA, Asia's most influential design silver award, and Forbes China's most influential designer.

The HOUSE VISION3 hall, a collaboration between China Green Agro and the designer, is named "Green House", highlighting the importance of plants in space.


After understanding the technology of the partner using wind and solar power generation and efficiently delivering energy to everyone's home through the Internet of Things, designer Yang Mingjie abandoned the original idea of making a cool building. He tried to use a good design to move people to understand future life.

Therefore, the focus of the work is not on the appearance of the building, but more on the inside. After people walk in, they can see how the remaining energy becomes light and water, how light and water cultivate the plants at home, and how plants form a beautiful garden. With the intervention of technology, people can control the growth of plants through mobile internet on their phones, and communicate with their families remotely, promoting emotional communication.

Yang Mingjie believes that technological progress should not make the relationship between people and nature, and technology and nature more and more opposed, but should be more and more integrated.


HOUSE VISION initiator and CHINA HOUSE VISION curator Kenya Hara compares the Bird's Nest, which serves as the background of the exhibition, to the "ghosts and goblins" mentioned by Han Feizi in the Warring States period of China, "it's easy to paint ghosts and goblins, but hard to paint dogs and horses". "In front of it, we present ten residential buildings as dogs and horses, which is also a remarkable idea." Help me translate this article into smooth English.

Attachment: pictures of the venue