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China Green Agro Fuels Rural Revival with Modern Agriculture Tech Park

RELEASE:2019-05-29 10:43:19 SOURCE:本站


Covering a total area of 14,208 m², the Liangtian Baishi Modern Agricultural Technology Park is located on the northern foot of the Changbai Mountain Range in the middle of Yanbian Prefecture, eastern Jilin Province. Located in the heartland of the Northeast Asian Economic Circle, it is the core area of the Tumen River Economic Circle planned by the United Nations.

The Liangtian Baishi Modern Agricultural Technology Park Project


The Longjing Liangtian Baishi Sports Holiday Town Project is a leisure tourism project built around the south side of Hailan Lake. It is about ten kilometers away from Longjing and Yanji. The entire park will be built in two phases, covering an area of 3.5 million square meters with a planned investment of 300 million yuan. The project started in May 2019. The first phase includes the Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Industrial Park, Hot Spring B&B Resort Area, and Leisure Resort Area.

China Green Agro completed the installation of equipment in the modern agricultural technology park within six months. The park integrates large-scale production, popular science education, and promotional training. It targets high-quality, high-end leafy vegetable and fruit production, youth science education, and cultivation of new professional farmers. The aim is to create a high-value-added agricultural product processing and safe agricultural product demonstration base, as well as a leisurely ecological park and community that urban dwellers aspire to.

Academician Zhao Chunjiang's Guided Tour of Liangtian Baishi Modern Agricultural Technology Park

A recent visit by Zhao Chunjiang, the director of the National Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center and Honorary Dean and Academic Committee Director of the Jilin Agricultural University Smart Agriculture Research Institute, along with members of the Jilin Research Institute of China's Engineering Technology Development Strategy, confirmed the park's diverse scientific education model and modern agricultural technologies.

Diverse Vertical Farming at Liangtian Baishi Modern Agricultural Technology Park

The park employs a range of vertical cultivation methods, including vertical spiral columns, ring pipes, A-frames, and gallery-style frames. This optimizes greenhouse space and solar energy, significantly boosting production potential. The park also uses the Deep Flow Technique (DFT), a hydroponic technology that immerses plant roots in a deep and flowing nutrient solution layer, facilitating the growth of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Implementation of the Deep Flow Technique (DFT) at Liangtian Baishi Modern Agricultural Technology Park

Hanging Tomato Cultivation at Liangtian Baishi Modern Agricultural Technology Park

Rockwool cultivation serves as the preferred substrate for soilless cultivation of fruits and vegetables, due to its light weight, excellent aeration and drainage, and high porosity. Plant factories in the park maintain a high standard of cleanliness, enabling efficient, year-round production of high-quality, safe, and eco-friendly sterile agricultural products. The park also features an intelligent water and fertilizer integration system, which automatically adjusts the nutrient composition and pH of irrigation solutions for targeted release.

The Plant Factory at Liangtian Baishi Modern Agricultural Technology Park

Intelligent Water and Fertilizer Integration at Liangtian Baishi Modern Agricultural Technology Park

Through the collaboration with Liangtian Baishi Modern Agricultural Technology Park, China Green Agro exemplifies modern, high-tech agriculture. This collaboration not only improves productivity but also contributes significantly to rural revitalization efforts.