How Much Do You Know About the Venlo-style PC Board Greenhouse This Article Tells You

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The Venlo-style PC board greenhouse is characterized by a multi-peak, single-span design with small roof slopes and multiple gutters, allowing for large spans. The interior of the greenhouse can be flexibly partitioned, and it has excellent drainage capabilities, making it suitable for large-area continuous construction.

The greenhouse is typically constructed using aluminum alloy profiles or connected with sealing parts, presenting a beautiful and attractive appearance. The Venlo-style PC sunlight board greenhouse employs single or multi-layer hollow PC boards for the roof and surrounding walls, with an aluminum alloy framework and a galvanized steel skeleton as the primary structure. This design ensures an aesthetic look, high transparency, and excellent thermal insulation performance.


The Venlo-style PC board greenhouse comes in three types: fully enclosed arch, semi-open greenhouse, and fully open greenhouse.

Below, let's delve into the advantages of the PC board:


    1. Strong light transmission, and UV protection: The PC board greenhouse mostly adopts double-layer transparent sun panels. These panels are lightweight, and most importantly, they offer strong light transmission, promoting plant growth. They ensure no sunblind spots in the greenhouse, unprecedentedly improving land utilization and light performance. Importantly, the transparency does not significantly decrease over time.


    2. Impact-resistant, heat-resistant: PC is one of the best impact-resistant materials among thermoplastics. At high temperatures, its potential quality change and stress relaxation are minimal. Sunshine panels made from PC offer excellent impact resistance and maintain stable performance across a wide temperature range (-40~+120 degrees Celsius).

    3. Heat insulation, and sound insulation: The linear expansion coefficient is one of the smallest among synthetic resins. Depending on the panel's direction, the linear expansion coefficient varies slightly, but on average, it reaches 0.065mm/m.℃. The thermal conductivity of PC boards significantly differs from other synthetic resins, being 1/4 of glass, 1/300 of iron, 1/1000 of aluminum, and 1/12000 of copper, making it an excellent insulating material.


    4. Energy-saving, anti-drip:

Compared to ordinary glass and other plastics, the PC board has a lower thermal conductivity, which reduces heat loss and achieves energy conservation. Moreover, it applies the German Bayer anti-drip technology and high-tech infrared special process treatment. A high-concentration coating uniformly distributed on the lower board surface prevents the reduction of light transmittance due to water mist and also protects the plants underneath from damage caused by direct vertical dripping of condensation water.


    5. Flame retardant, fireproof: The PC sunlight board has good waterproof properties. Tested by the National Fireproof Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, according to the GB8624-1997 standard, it meets the flame retardant B1 level. Moreover, the sunlight board will not produce dense smoke during combustion, thus causing less harm to humans, indicating its excellent flame retardant performance. This material has also received high praise in fire tests in advanced countries around the world.


    6. Low-cost, economical greenhouse: The overall structure uses a relatively small amount of steel, has good insulation performance, and has relatively low manufacturing costs, making it an economical type of greenhouse. It is suitable for most areas in our country. The northern regions often use double-film greenhouses, while the southern regions mostly choose single-film greenhouses.

The Venlo-style PC board greenhouse is a marvel of modern agricultural engineering, combining aesthetic appeal with functionality. Its numerous advantages, from its light transmission capabilities and heat resistance to its energy efficiency and flame retardancy, make it a smart choice for greenhouse applications. Whether you're an amateur gardener looking to extend your growing season, or a professional farmer aiming for increased yield and efficiency, the Venlo-style PC board greenhouse offers a flexible, economical, and durable solution. Its various design types - fully enclosed arch, semi-open, and fully open - cater to the diverse needs of different regions, climates, and crops. It is a testament to the innovative spirit of agricultural technology, making farming more sustainable and productive in the modern age. Truly, the Venlo-style PC board greenhouse offers an investment in the future of agriculture, promising a greener, more bountiful tomorrow.