Sichuan Ya Modern Agricultural Innovation Hall

Project location:Ya'an, Sichuan | Construction time:06/2014 | Construction area:6,500㎡


The Sichuan Ya'an Modern Agricultural Innovation Hall is a technological marvel in the field of smart agriculture, boasting a state-of-the-art intelligent greenhouse. Built in 2014, this 6500 square meter facility is an embodiment of cutting-edge technology meeting sustainable farming practices. The intelligent greenhouse, the heart of the facility, leverages automation and data analytics to optimize conditions for plant growth, ensuring year-round productivity regardless of external weather conditions. It combines the best of artificial intelligence and farming to maximize yield, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact. The greenhouse serves as an interactive educational space, displaying the potential of modern agriculture, and as a testament to China Green Agro's commitment to integrating technology into the future of farming.

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