Founded in 2011, China GreenAgro is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in agricultural investment, park construction, operation management and intelligent equipment research and development. The company gives full play to its research and development advantages in the field of modern agricultural equipment technology, has obtained nearly 100 national patents, and completed more than ten national scientific research projects and technology project development. The products are ....


China Green Agro collaborates with financial partners to boost modern agricultural projects, providing strategic planning, regional economy enhancement, park planning, and comprehensive project management services, creating mutual benefits.

China Green Agro focuses on diverse agri-parks, blending agriculture, technology, culture, and tourism to foster enjoyable living. They provide tailored R&D and design services, facilitate project transformation, and ensure reliable construction for project stability.

With a team of 100+ industry experts, China Green Agro addresses key agricultural challenges, offering clients sustainable, profitable services, bridging industry gaps, and fostering growth.

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  • 29 2023-03
    Greenhouses: Not Just for Growing Plants Anymore!

    In the past, we saw greenhouses primarily used for growing vegetables and seedlings. However, with the advancement of modern agricultural technology in China, intelligent greenhouses have been widely used in Chinese agricultural production.

  • 18 2023-02
    The Application of Intelligent Water-Fertilizer Integration

    Intelligent water-fertilizer integration technology is not just a technological innovation; it is a revolutionary step towards sustainable and efficient farming.

  • 19 2023-01
    Methods for Cooling a Greenhouse

    The temperature inside a greenhouse can get significantly high due to excessive sunlight, inadequate ventilation, or a combination of both. Efficient control of greenhouse temperatures involves a dynamic system that responds effectively and quickly to temperature changes.

  • 17 2022-06
    Components and Purposes of Advanced Intelligent Greenhouse Systems

    Modern intelligent greenhouses cater to the optimal growing conditions of various crops by employing complex algorithms to control smart greenhouse systems, including movable roof windows, shading systems, wet curtains, fertigation systems, and cooling systems.