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CGA participated in the 40th edition of the international exhibition for Agriculture Food Aquacultur

RELEASE:2024-02-04 14:42:34 SOURCE:本站

The 40th Saudi Arabia International Agricultural Exhibition was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from October 21 to 24, 2023. The show is the largest B2B event in the region's agricultural sector and is supported by the various sectors of Saudi Arabia's local environment, water, and agriculture.

With its professional technical team, many high-tech patented products, and a complete range of agricultural equipment, CGA made a highlight, attracting many foreign business visitors to stop their steps, consult and negotiate, and is one of the most intended merchants reached by the exhibitors.

Caption: There is a large flow of people at the CGA’s booth.


Caption: CGA professional team explains advanced agricultural machines on-site.


For the past 39 years, the international exhibition for Agriculture, Food, Aquaculture, Packaging, and Agro-industry has been a meeting place for the leaders of the agricultural industry and its leading business development platform, providing an ideal platform for exhibitors to develop and grow the extensive cooperation between local and international business leaders in the industry.

During the four-day Exhibition, the CGA team communicated with hundreds of related enterprises and reached the initial intention to cooperate with dozens of agricultural enterprises.

From the sale of agricultural equipment products such as water and fertilizer machines, distribution cabinets, flower pots and other small projects, to the construction of greenhouses, shade houses and plant factories engineering is all involved. 

Caption: The professional team of CGA gives detailed introductions to the potential customers.