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King Salman Park Project supervisor came to CGA for an inspection

RELEASE:2024-02-04 14:30:06 SOURCE:本站

Caption: A group photo for memorizing this activity.


Mr. Haseebuddin Syed, a representative of the King Salman Park Project (made up of three companies, namely, KSP, WSP, and Nabatat), flew from Saudi Arabia to Beijing for a three-day factory inspection.

On July 3, 2023, China Green Intelligent Agricultural Co., Ltd. (CGA) won the qualification as the agricultural intelligent equipment supplier of King Salman Park in Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as the Project).

The schedule of this factory inspection is as follows:

Day 1:

In the morning, CGA guided Mr. Syed to the China National Agricultural Forest and Grass Laboratory, where Dr. Du gave a full explanation in English, from the selection of explants to the control of the cultivation environment.


Later, Mr. Syed came to the office of CGA in the Haidian District to see the working conditions. CGA showed him the detailed factory inspection documents. The two sides signed relevant factory inspection documents after exchanging a general overview of the ongoing Project.


In the afternoon, the inspection group drove to CGAs planting base in Beijing, which is located in Xiaotangshan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park. They visited the core area of the project and got the details of agricultural automation equipment. The project leader introduced the operation process of the intelligent equipment and guided the guests to our working environment and achievements.


According to the inspection documents provided by CGA, the guests conducted an on-site inspection on the automatic seedbed, power distribution cabinet, high-pressure fogger, positive pressure blower, hanging of tomato shed, etc.

During this period, the CGA team answered questions raised by customers on-site. With the professionalism and solid work we have done, CGA has won high praise from customers.

Day 2:

In the morning, Mr. Syed went to the greenhouse material processing workshop to inspect the production of the greenhouse structure, an important supporting material for the greenhouse.

The material production technicians led them to visit the raw material workshop, production workshop, assembly workshop, production workshop, laboratory, etc., and carefully watched the materials and production of the structure, as well as the technical process, equipment configuration, quality management system, and so on.

While the guest walked through the workshops of the huge factory, he kept on exclaiming "Amazing!"


The guest showed great interest in the state-level laboratory set up in the factory. He tested the bending, stretching, striking, and salt spraying of materials on site. The product quality was highly praised by the customer.

In this factory inspection activity, CGA provided detailed data, efficient cooperation, and successfully passed customer acceptance.
And the customer spoke highly of the whole inspection process and professionalism.